Child Custody and Visitation

We understand the seriousness of your case and our exceptional attorneys can help you determine a course of action that will achieve a custody and visitation plan that will work best for you and your child.

Custody disputes are always an extremely stressful situation for both you and your child. The attorneys at Jenkins & Kamin, LLP are dedicated to helping you gain, re-gain, or retain custody of your child. The firm tailors its representation to suit each client’s individual needs in an effort to minimize the negative impact on your life and more importantly, the life of your child. We are confident that we can provide you with the expertise necessary to insure that the best interest of your child is protected.

The Jenkins & Kamin, LLP partners and associates are experienced in the many nuances of custody disputes. The firm’s exceptional attorneys have their own individual areas of expertise and many of them are both well versed in Texas child custody laws and experienced trial lawyers in the custody arena. The Jenkins & Kamin, LLP attorneys assist clients with all issues related to child custody including relocation and visitation issues. The firm also assists clients in the modification and enforcement of custody orders.

Our lawyers understand that the outcome of your case will have significant impact on your child’s life. We put your child’s best interests at the forefront of your case and pledge to seek a resolution that protects your child’s best interest.

Contact Jenkins & Kamin, LLP to ensure that your best interests are represented throughout the entirety of your case. Let us help you and your child minimize the negative impact of litigation and move forward with a healthy, positive family life.