Texas Collaborative Family Law Attorneys

Collaborative law is a less adversarial approach to the resolution of disputed family law matters that is governed by our Texas Family Code. Collaborative law is a procedure in which the parties and their counsel agree in writing to make a good faith attempt to resolve the dissolution of their marriage or other family law dispute on an agreed basis without resorting to litigation. The collaborative process has the potential to minimize the conflict that frequently occurs between people involved in litigation and provide an effective, dignified, cost efficient resolution to your family law case.

The attorneys of Jenkins & Kamin, LLP understand your need to focus on a positive solution to benefit all members of your family. Through the collaborative process, you can gain support from your attorney’s problem-solving and negotiating skills while working cooperatively with your spouse and his or her attorney in a series of highly structured settlement meetings. Jo Jenkins, Elva Godwin, Deborah Wright, Susan Oehl and Nicole Voyles all accept collaborative cases and are trained in the collaborative process.

If you value an amicable, dignified resolution to your family law matter, collaborative law may be the best solution for you. The collaborative process often provides a more expedient end to your family law conflict and can, in many cases, provide a more positive framework for future interaction between the parties. This is especially important in circumstances where the parties will continue to be in involved in the raising of their children.

Contact Jenkins & Kamin, LLP to discuss the benefits of collaborative law and how collaborative law may benefit your particular situation.