Property Settlements

The vast majority of property cases, even those involving complex property issues, are resolved through settlement negotiations. Understanding the many issues involved in property settlements and having the resources necessary to explore all the nuances of a finely crafted property settlement are extremely important.

The options for resolving property disputes are as varied as our clients. We know that property settlements can involve more than just a divorce action. We can help clients partition property for estate planning or other purposes and draft Post Marital Agreements to help couples balance their need for a more structured financial agreement between couples who wish to remain married. The attorneys of Jenkins & Kamin, LLP understand the complex issues involved in our cases and have the skill and ability to guide clients through the myriad of options available to achieve the most equitable result for the client. With attention to detail being one of the hallmarks of a good property settlement, our attorneys pride themselves on careful drafting of Property Settlement Agreements to insure not only their fairness but their enforceability.

Often complex property issues involve issues outside the scope of family law. The attorneys of Jenkins & Kamin, LLP have a wide network of experts with whom they consult about the details of complex property settlements including the tax implications of such settlements, related documents necessary to structure aspects of complex property settlements such as

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